Bangladesh, one of the fastest growing economies in the Southeast Asia, started undergoing a whole lot of changes in its industrial sector. With the initiation of infrastructural development, rapid urbanization, advent of latest technologies and dramatic economic growth paved way for new-generation business enterprises in different sectors.

Rudmila Ceramic Material Co. Ltd. is one of them who came forth then to serve the booming ceramic sector of the country with world-class raw materials and machineries. Since then there was no looking back. Eventually, the company became the leading name in the sector for its working with exclusive foreign tiles and tableware items with  outstanding seamless services and ingenuity. But what made the company stand apart among others is its collaboration with Esmalglass-Itaca. Esmalglass-itaca is a group of companies, the leading manufacturer in Spain ( which is regarded as one of the largest and top one  companie in the world in ceramic sector. We produce Digital Inks, Frits & Glazes, Pigments (Glaze Stains, Body Stains, Dry Colour), Raw Materials for Glossy, Ceramic Additives etc. Esmalglass-Itaca chose the company as its sole agent in Bangladesh seeing its strength, understanding and potential.

The company offers end to end Technological Support, Know-How, complete range machineries and raw materials needed for manufacturing ceramic tiles & sanitary ware products. There is a local Technical Team in place that comprises experienced technical experts to support the Clients. We also have an on-call Spanish Team of experts who comes forward when a situation demands.The company is fortunate enough to have worked with the leading Ceramic Brands of the country. To name a few, we handle regular clients like RAK Ceramics, Akij Ceramics, DBL Ceramics,  X Ceramics, Fresh Ceramics, Sun power Ceramics, Hua Thai Ceramics, Fu-Wang Ceramics, Great Wall and  Abul Khair Ceramics.We want to be known as the most dynamic and innovative name in the business being a ‘prized partner’ for our Clients. Innovation is at the core of our company DNA. We admire those who think in the same vein. We believe, only change is the constant and there is no room for getting complacent, nor there is any end to explore something new. We are working for the development of our ceramic industry and will continue to do so. We would like to thank those who are new to this industry. We are highly committed to provide all kinds of assistance. In the conclusion, in spite of the market booming, we have to be more concern about the quality.